Reasons to Choose a House Extension Over Relocation

With living space getting congested and families find themselves requiring more space, a house extension is an option to consider. Most people however would consider selling their homes and relocating to bigger houses. Home extensions are becoming very popular and more people are finding out that it is better to go through the process of extension instead of relocating. Why are home extensions preferable to relocations today?

Relocation Can Be Costly
When you sell your home and relocate to a bigger home, the entire process could be much more costly than you might have imagined. Moving meansĀ  that you have to go to a new place and you have to forgo the comfort and support of your friends and neighbors. Your kids will probably resent moving and the cost emotionally can be taxing. You will also have to put up your home in the market for sale and you will probably need to spend money on renovations and aesthetics. You might also have to hire an inspector to do a thorough check of your home so that you can determine what repairs need to be made.

Why Home Renovations and Extensions are Advantageous
It is more advantageous to add an extension to your home or do renovations as compared to relocating. Relocation in itself is costly because you have to engage movers. Renovations and extensions can help you avoid such costs. You might have to go through some inconveniences when the extension and renovation project is getting done, but if you have a professional builder working on your project, you probably will not have to leave your home. An extension project will increase your square footage and living space. The extension will also enhance the general value of your property. When you get to a position where you have no choice but to sell your home, you will have the advantage of a higher home value as compared to selling it and moving without any extensions and renovations. This will give you a competitive advantage on the market.

Avoiding Unnecessary Paperwork
There is lots of paperwork involved when you have to sell your home and also when you have to buy another home. Buying or selling a home might also mean that you have to hire a lawyer and all these factors will cost you in terms of time and money. With the ideal extension and renovation plan, the value of your home can exponentially increase. Hiring professional extension builders in London will ensure that your extension and renovation project is handled in the right manner. Home extension is affordable, convenient and of less trouble, and less time consuming compared to home relocation and is something that you should consider.

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